On Sunday, my Keyholder @smallseashell kindly allowed me to cum,…

On Sunday, my Keyholder @smallseashell kindly allowed me to cum, after 72 days since my last orgasm.

Out of the blue, She instructed me to remove my cage and gave me 15 minutes to cum the way I wanted: of course it’s not been a problem, it only took me a couple of minutes to spurt my pathetic load, and only because I tried to spend some time riding an edge to make the pleasure last longer. It was my first orgasm of 2018.

This is my caged cock now, 5 days later, already trying to break its cage, crying tears of frustration.

Thank You @smallseashell for the privilege of having an orgasm. But most importantly, thank You for immediately putting me back in chastity.

Day 70. Last weekend my Keyholder told me I would finally be…

Day 70.

Last weekend my Keyholder told me I would finally be able to get a release on day 70 of my chastity.
She teased me all week, and the thought of finally getting an orgasm has been a constant presence in my head.

Last night She allowed me to sleep unlocked and ordered me to masturbate and edge this morning before work.

Once back from work, the script didn’t change. More masturbation, same amount of cum: none.

I will be allowed to sleep unlocked tonight and will be back in chastity tomorrow morning. An orgasm? Not happening.
When She told me I was honestly feeling like crying. I was being selfish: if being denied again is what makes my Keyholder happy, than that is what I want too.

Thank You @smallseashell for denying me.

My caged dick has an Owner, again.

Thanks to all the the people who reblogged my post looking for a Keyholder, you were awesome! I was lucky enough to quickly find someone willing to control my chastity who’s also local.

I am proud to say @smallseashell has accepted to become my Keyholder.
I’m undergoing a trial period to prove I am worthy of this privileged position, but I am very happy of how things have been going so far.

I also have the privilege of being part of sort of a cuckold dynamic, since my Keyholder is in a relationship and is interested in mixing the two things up, eventually.

I would like to tell you about last night, which I find the perfect example of a day in the life of a chaste cuckold.

My Keyholder had huge plans for the day, I had none, so She made some for me. While celebrating Her anniversary with Her partner, telling me throughout the whole day of the fantastic day and amazing sex they were having, She ordered me to watch at least one hour of porn while caged: I ended up watching at least 1.5 hours, hoping than enduring some frustration would make Her happier.

I am very thankful, because while She was celebrating Her anniversary, She made me celebrate something too. This: 

Thank You, @smallseashell.

Who wants to own this caged penis?I have been in chastity since…

Who wants to own this caged penis?

I have been in chastity since December 30th, 2017 (58 days to date). Unfortunately, my online Keyholder went silent and it’s not looking like She is going to be back any soon.

I strongly believe this penis should be owned and locked up at all times, so I am looking for a new online Keyholder to take control over it. I am also very interested in blogging about the experience on this Tumblr.

Please contact me if You are interested in owning this caged penis, or help me find a Keyholder by reblogging this post!