My caged dick has an Owner, again.

Thanks to all the the people who reblogged my post looking for a Keyholder, you were awesome! I was lucky enough to quickly find someone willing to control my chastity who’s also local.

I am proud to say @smallseashell has accepted to become my Keyholder.
I’m undergoing a trial period to prove I am worthy of this privileged position, but I am very happy of how things have been going so far.

I also have the privilege of being part of sort of a cuckold dynamic, since my Keyholder is in a relationship and is interested in mixing the two things up, eventually.

I would like to tell you about last night, which I find the perfect example of a day in the life of a chaste cuckold.

My Keyholder had huge plans for the day, I had none, so She made some for me. While celebrating Her anniversary with Her partner, telling me throughout the whole day of the fantastic day and amazing sex they were having, She ordered me to watch at least one hour of porn while caged: I ended up watching at least 1.5 hours, hoping than enduring some frustration would make Her happier.

I am very thankful, because while She was celebrating Her anniversary, She made me celebrate something too. This: 

Thank You, @smallseashell.

This is hot!Your Wife gives Her Bull a blowjob and makes Him cum…

This is hot!

Your Wife gives Her Bull a blowjob and makes Him cum inside a condom you will then have to wear over your chastity cage, as a reminder of what Real Men can do and you can’t.