can you describe in detail how you would eat someone out

This might be not what you expected, but no. Every woman is so vastly different that there is just no “standard program”.

What I can say is that I like to start with lots of kisses… soft ones… I guess staying playful and unexpected in the beginning is a good way to get things started. Only when I see some moist I start to dive in… exploring… very keen on studying the subject of my lust.

At some point, I like start using my fingers… not to “fuck” but to massage the inner rim of the vagina. Circling… finding the rhythm between my fingers and the tip of my tongue circling the clit.

Observation is key… once I realize the woman to be in the plateau phase, it’s all about keeping doing what I am doing. Steady. With intent.

My big vice is not being able to stop… I want to drive you all through your orgasm and right into the next one.

I must admit that this might be a behavioral pattern… 😉