erosdiary: If I had a favorite “trick” i’d like to pull, it was…


If I had a favorite “trick” i’d like to pull, it was always coaxing out an orgasm from my boyfriend as slowly as possible.  Men love to hit their breaking point after they’ve been jerking or fucking as hard as they can and as fast as they can.  For them it’s like breaking through the tape at the finish line of a long race.  That’s what makes their faces so delightful when that option gets taken away.  I loved to suck dick but only on my terms.  I wouldn’t slurp down the whole shaft and gag down as quickly as I could.  No no, i’d take my time.  I’d find his little sweet spots.  Small kisses, subtle little licks, and slow methodical strokes.  I’d watch my man bite down on his lip as he was edged just a little closer, bit by bit.  Soon his fingers would ball into fists and his toes would start curling, all hoping i’d speed my technique to give that big release he could feel JUST around the corner.  I’d never give that satisfaction though.  I would stay nice slow while feeling him tense and throb at my touch.  Finally, once I knew his release was inevitable, i’d give that long final little slurp that would push him over the edge.

He never cums harder than when I make him do it my way.

hornydeniedgirl: The guys will draw straws. Whoever gets the…


The guys will draw straws. Whoever gets the short straw will continuously edge her with his mouth until she finishes blowing the other three.

None of them really minded drawing the short straw, because the evening’s grand finale was the edger cumming in the fucktoy’s ass while the other three watched.

They had to restrain her after that. For her own good. The punishment for touching herself without permission was severe, but she is too far gone by then to care.

thrilledbytease:With her right hand cupping and circling his…


With her right hand cupping and circling his balls, tugging them down and away to slow his ability to cum, she began a more forceful and determined stroking of his cock with her left hand on the shaft, but never quite going over the highly sensitive head. The result was an intensely frustrating urgency to cum without getting quite the stimulation needed!!! Helpless in the restraints, he tried vainly to reach for her stroking hand, wanting desperately to make her push him over this unbearably erotic edge. But she had cleverly fixed the restraints so that his hand was just not able to reach her, making his frustration and desperation grow, which she enjoyed immensely!!